Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thoughts on a Snowy Saturday

  1. I haven't been so happy to have the work week done since I don't know when. Work has been very difficult lately and the last few days of the week were super busy with a big meeting I was very involved with arranging. Everything seemed to go well with it though and people said they got a lot out of it so that is great. Most importantly from my point of view is that it is OVER! Hopefully for me to never have to arrange something similar again.

  2. I keep telling myself to give my new mixer a try, but instead I've been poking around on the internet all day. I found a new blog that I LOVE - check it out at Cookie Baker Lynn. I wish I lived next door to her so I could beg to become a taste-tester.

  3. Christmas cards were all mailed today. Well, except for one where we need to get the new address (they moved not too long ago) and for one couple who are moving at the end of the week. We know their new address, and the card is ready to go, I just don't want to mail it and have it go to the old address or, get to the new address before they are there. So I think we'll mail it at the end of the week.

  4. The other exception to point number 3 is cards for coworkers are not done. Those are so easy however that I don't worry about them. I have the cards, just need to sign my name and put names on the envelopes. Oh, and bake the cookies I want to have accompany the cards. So that's been the holdup there. I thought about baking things today (see point #2 above) but again, have been sucked into blog world. But how could I not be when she posts things like this?

  5. I could at least be planning our vacation but I'm hoping L will do that.

  6. I need to get off the computer and read some of the ginormous stack of books I've got out from the library. Maybe I'll select the books I'll take on vacation. That almost counts as vacation planning, right?

  7. I have absolutely no idea what to fix for dinner tonight. I'm kind of hoping L will want pizza.

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