Friday, January 8, 2010

Seven Quick Takes, aka I'm Back (Maybe)

1. Last year I kept meaning to participate in Jennifer at Conversion Diary's Seven Quick Takes Friday's, but never managed to, in part because I hadn't started at the beginning of the year. For whatever reason, it really bugged me that I would be coming into it later in the year and I just couldn't do that. Yes, I'm nuts. But hey! It's January! Fresh start time & all of that, so here goes.

2. No posts here for quite awhile. I'm not entirely sure what happened to me other than what you can imagine; still trying to figure out a schedule and routine for me to blog while taking care of the baby. My respect for writers who manage to continue posting regularly through personal upheaval of all sorts is immense, because when life gets hectic, my blog gets ignored completely.

3. I have not read a single book so far in 2010. I haven't even started one. That alone should tell you all that something is wrong with me, or at least has been. And you would be correct. I have been siiiiiiiiccccccckkkkkkkk. I think we picked up something from one of L's relatives at Christmas. He was the first to go down, while I hoped that G & I would avoid it - not an impossible dream since I often avoid colds or even the flu when L is knocked out by them. Alas, not to be this time. New Years Eve Eve it began and I'm still a snotty mess. Fortunately G had a mild case so other than a couple of miserable nights where he slept on me, coughing and hacking and dripping mucus everywhere, he's mostly been ok. And still amazingly happy throughout it all.

4. I'm trying to set up a new blog but have run into some difficulties. I'm about to concede defeat and go ask L for help. I was trying to avoid that because all he's been doing lately is helping friends and family with their computers. At least this will be a change of pace from the hardware stuff.

5. Since getting married, we've purchased at least 3 shredders, usually whatever is on sale. Our cheap purchases last for maybe a year or two, then they slowly start dying until eventually they conk out entirely and we begin the process again. After six-months of no working shredder, I finally purchased a new one, and we're sick of buying them so regularly so we bought a more substantial one. One with good ratings that will hopefully take care of our shredding needs long into the future. And it even has some kind of sensor so that if little fingers come too close to it, it shuts down. So no worries of G finding it and shredding himself. Although we should worry about G finding it and pulling it over onto himself, because this thing is HEAVY.

6. Wondering why I'm taking about G finding things as if he's mobile? Oh, that's because he is. He started army-crawling for real shortly after Thanksgiving. ("For real" = more than just one or two pulls forward.) He crosses the room in seconds if he's motivated (i.e. there's a toy or something he wants over there.) The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas also brought forth his first tooth - a cute little bottom one.

7. He turns six months tomorrow.