Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Making Your Home a Haven: Day 7

More from Biblical Womanhood:

In addition to spending some time refreshing your spirit in the Lord, doing your morning routine, making out a simple prioritized to-do list for the day, and preparing dinner by noon, your challenge today is to either:

1) Clean out, declutter, and organize a drawer, shelf, or closet.

2) Tackle a project you've been procrastinating on for too long.

Morning Routine will be finished soon as I get off the computer. This includes devotionals and Bible reading, but I'll read more from the Bible when I get home from work. I discovered last week during the challenge how great a transition from work to home that is!

Today's To-Dos

  1. Work

  2. Refresh Spirit (continue reading Exodus)

  3. Fix dinner

  4. Do one load of laundry (wash/dry/fold/put away)

  5. Clean off desk

  6. Project: get donations ready to go to Goodwill (bagged & put in car)

I suppose cleaning off my desk could count under the clean out, declutter and organize a drawer, shelf or closet in Crystal's first challenge above, but I really want to get the donations out of my closet where they've been piling up for far too long I'm sad to say.

Updates to come as I have things to report.

: It's 7:45 and I'm finally home. I ended up having to do a car shuffle with L whose truck needed some work. Unfortunately this put us in some ugly rush hour traffic due to the location of our mechanic, so it was already going to be fairly late by the time we got home. We went out to dinner instead of going straight home, then ran some errands. That's all good, and it means that I don't have to fix dinner or clean up from dinner. Yay for that!

I'm debating if I'm going to do the load of laundry or not. It's not essential, and I'm sure by the time it would be dry I am just going to want to go to bed and not want to fold it and put it away. I think I'll just put that off until tomorrow when I'll be home earlier and can get it started earlier in the evening.

I will be devoting some time to my desk after I finish the update.

Update 2
: I just finished 15 minutes of desk time. It's still not clean but I'm more up to date on paperwork (medical & insurance forms that take so much time to handle). I'm not even going to start the donation stuff. It's time for me to wind down and get ready for bed. I should have more time tomorrow because I'll be coming straight home from work.

I'm praying for everyone else doing the challenge - don't always have time to visit every blog and comment, but I do my best and like knowing that so many of us are working on the same kinds of things.

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Mrs. T said...

It IS so fun to see everyone working toward making our homes a haven :D I love reading all the different posts too :) (when I have time)