Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back from Vacation!

We've returned from our trip to DC. We've actually been back since Christmas Eve, but I just continued with a blogging and computer break for a bit longer.

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my Christmas decorations post. What a wonderful thing to come home and read!

Second, I'll be posting more about details from our trip, in part so I don't forget what all we did and saw! I have a pretty bad memory for things like that and this way hopefully L isn't reminding me in a year about the museums we saw since I've forgotten. Yes, I really am that bad. I have a *great* memory for things I read, but a horrific one for conversations or events. My weird memory was great for school, but it's not so great for real life!

Finally, I've finished lots of books recently too; road trips and time off from work are *so* good for that. Some specifics will be mentioned sooner or later. No promises that it'll be this week. :)

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