Friday, December 28, 2007


Yes, it's late but I'd been gone, but I wouldn't want to ignore Christmas! I got some lovely gifts and we had a nice, quiet day. Most of L's gifts were not a surprise, but he was still very pleased with them. He seems to especially love the slippers. He's requested them (his old ones were worn out, and our floors are pretty chilly in winter) but he keeps raving about how warm and cushioned they are. So I did well on that, and I am really happy he likes them so much. His other gifts were all computer or stereo equipment that he'd requested and picked out specifically, so while he was thrilled, he wasn't exactly surprised. :) He also really liked the candy in his stocking. What he doesn't like so much? The fact that we are COMPLETELY OUT of those delicious wedding cookies! I really need to bake some more soon.

Oh, my gifts? You want to know some details? Ok, twist my arm.
  1. I got some super comfy pjs. I knew I was getting them and was so happy to unwrap the box. I love love love pjs, especially super comfy ones. I can't wait to wear them!

  2. An automatic wine opener. L has noticed how I sometimes struggle to get the bottles open so bought me an electric one. Haven't tried it out yet but will as soon as I have another bottle to open. What a sweetie looking out for me! :)

  3. Computer software - iWork and iLife. Soooo happy to have this. He says that I'd said I wanted them, but I'd forgotten that so it was a complete surprise to me when I opened the packages. A very good surprise!

  4. Finally, lots of books! All picked from my Amazon Wish List, but the specific choices were a surprise.

I am super happy with my gifts and know that I am very blessed to have received so much great stuff. :)

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