Friday, December 14, 2007

Making My Home a Haven

Doing my own challenge today to keep the momentum going. It'll be stopped soon enough when we leave for vacation.

1. Refresh Your Spirit

Still continuing on in Exodus.

2. Morning Routine
  • Dressed & ready for the day
  • Tidy a bathroom
  • Pray
  • Go over memory verse
  • 5 minute room rescue
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Eat breakfast & take pills
  • Read daily devotionals
  • Read Bible passage(s)
3. Plan

  1. Work
  2. Renew/return library books that are due before we get back from trip
  3. Spend time with L
  4. Fix dinner
  5. Clean up from dinner Not done but L said he'd do it so it's off my list!
  6. Clean out fridge
  7. One load of laundry
  8. Spend 15 minutes in my office
  9. Spend some time reading
  10. Make batch of cookies (?) Not going to happen

4. Tonight's menu

If he's not opposed to it, minestrone soup. Or we can eat leftovers because there are a lot of them that need to be used up. Basically, he'll get a choice, between Friday and Saturday, which day does he want soup and which day leftovers. He'll probably pick leftovers for tonight and soup for Saturday.

Update: He had a frozen pizza. :)

5. Project for the day

Pick up a gift for my aunt who we'll be seeing on our trip. She's a wine fan, so I think I'll go to a wine shop and get her a nice bottle of red wine. I should get to leave work early today because of our holiday luncheon, so it would be easy to stop on the way home from work.

That may not seem like much of a project, but it'll be good to get it crossed off my list. And for a project more making-my-home-a-haven oriented: tidying up my closet which seems to have exploded over the last week. It's not usually bad, but this morning I realized it's a mess!

Updates to come, although no promises that they'll be posted today. ;)

Update: Didn't stop at the store, because instead of leaving early I ended up staying quite late. But I got some extra stuff wrapped up and since I'm gone for the next 8 (work) days, that's good to have those things finished.

I don't think I'll get to my closet or the laundry today. It's 9:00 and I've only just gotten upstairs after getting home late, getting dinner and spending a good amount of time with L. I'm really worn out so I think I'll unpack my bag, take care of the mail from the past few days, plan tomorrow and do a little Bible Study.

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