Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What I Fix

Apparently this really is my week to break out & join the wider blogging world. Normally I can't think of ideas to add to Works for Me Wednesday, but this week's theme is what you fix for dinner when it's been a crazy and all you want to do is either call for pizza or otherwise abdicate dinner responsibility.

If I can't convince L that he wants a sandwich or frozen pizza, black bean quesadillas are my standby. Super tasty, super easy, super quick.

Black Bean Quesadillas:
Tortillas. Whatever size you have on hand. We use flour just because that's what we prefer but I'm sure corn would work.
One onion. Or two if they're really small and/or you really like onion.
Oil. I usually use olive, but use whatever kind of fat you want.
A can of black beans, rinsed and drained.
Salsa. Or use some diced tomatoes if you don't want the heat.
Shredded cheese. Whatever type we have available is what we use.

Chop the onion into as small a size as you can manage/feel like making the effort.
Saute onion in a little oil until soft. If you don't mind your onions being a little raw, you can move on to the next step sooner. I hate raw onion so I make sure this is well cooked.
Add beans and salsa to taste. I add a lot of salsa.
If tortillas are cold, briefly warm them in microwave (10 seconds in mine), then put one tortilla in a clean (hot) skillet, and add some bean mixture to one side of tortilla.
Add plenty of shredded cheese.
Fold other half over bean mixture and cook until golden brown and delicious, and cheese is melty and yummy.
Carefully flip tortilla (you will lose some beans) and cook until other side is golden brown and delicious, and cheese is even more melty and yummy.
Remove from skillet, cut into pieces and enjoy with sour cream and/or more salsa.

This sounds much more complicated than it really is. I can have them on the table in 10 minutes, 15 max if I have to hunt for tortillas in the fridge or shred my own cheese.

One can of beans makes three stuffed quesadillas, which is enough for both of us and gives leftovers for lunch the next day.


Peggie said...

My husband loves black beans anyway possible, but mexican is his favorite.

Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Markham said...

Yum....I love black beans...quesadillas...cheese! Perfect meal!

Susan said...

Oh boy, I think this is something I can make where I am. Love black beans!