Friday, February 1, 2008

Review of January's Goals

To recap, my goals for January. How did I do? Great on some of them, not-so-great on others.

  • FSA paperwork done
  • 2007 financials done & 2008 budget prepared
  • Bathroom plans not only sent, the bathroom remodel is well underway!
  • Filing is, believe it or not, about 98% caught up.  I just need to make 2008 files & I'd be 100% caught up.

Giving myself a pass:
  • The master bedroom/bathroom/closet work.  The bathroom remodel was unexpectedly moved up for when it would be done, so it stopped all other work in that area. It'll be finished this month and then I'll work on those goals, so they just got pushed back to February

Not successful at all:
  • Exercise.  I did it ONCE.  Bad bad bad bad bad.
  • Piano.  I did it more than once, but still not as much as I should.  And it's been really bad lately with the houseguests.
  • Correspondence course I wanted to finish?  Yeah, didn't even touch it.

But hey!  February is a new month and a chance for me to start fresh! 

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