Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Semi-Snow Day

We've already gotten about 3 inches of snow (compared to the forecast of 1, maybe 2 inches) and the freshly-shoveled driveway is in danger of being covered again as the snow started falling again just after L finished clearing it.

I decided to take the day off; my whatever-it-was is lingering and being out in the cold makes it painful to breathe. If I didn't have such a hike from the parking lot into the building to get to work, I probably would have gone in but I just couldn't face it, which is why I'm calling it only a semi-snowday. It's snowy and I don't want to leave the house, although I certainly could if I HAD to.

Since I feel semi-ok as long as I'm not out in the cold, I'm trying to get some housekeeping type things accomplished today, but since it is only semi-ok, I'm following flylady's suggestion and only working for 15 minutes at a stretch. Then a 10-minute break, then another work session. So far I've got the downstairs bath cleaned (except for the floor) and stocked, a load of laundry started, trash gathered and out, more laundry gathered, the entryway tidied, and dishes gathered from around the house, newspapers and magazines recycled, and some general tidying downstairs.

Yes, it's lots of laundry because it's all the bedding from our houseguests; since they were all sick I do mean ALL the bedding, including blankets that don't usually get washed everytime someone visits). The nice thing about this stuff is there is no rush on getting it done; whatever I manage today is good, but I don't have to finish it in order to have clothes to wear tomorrow or anything.

This is one of my breaks, and the timer is about to ding telling me to get to work. I'm planning on updating because it helps keep me getting stuff done. Next up is a session in my closet.

I couldn't stop at just one session working on my closet; I got deep into it and accomplished a lot. Still have a lot to do, but I pulled out all the boxes of paperwork and have them in the guest room for easier sorting - I needed more space! I also pulled out a bunch of clothes and shoes to go to Goodwill. And finally, the extra stuff that was added to my closet due to the bathroom remodel is all restored so yay for that.

There is still plenty to do in there (like I said, it's a huge closet) but I'm feeling good about everything I managed to accomplish.


S.B. said...

It just seems like everyone is getting sick lately. Around our way we have had a warm winter, and it just seems like there are many more germs going around.

Just found your blog and am enjoying it.


Renee said...

Thanks for visiting & for the kind comment.

It definitely seems like it's a bad winter for sickness - almost everyone at work for me has been out at least a few days, and the news is reporting that schools are having 40% absentee rates. Crazy!