Monday, February 11, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Still have our houseguests, so just like last week I'm continuing to try to come up with fairly hearty meals that are at still semi-frugal. And last week's plan got changed a bit so yes, there are some repeats from last week.

Monday - White bean and chicken chili with cornbread. I base it from the recipe in Desperation Dinners.

Tuesday - Pizza. Or something else so long as it's not made by me. :) It's going to be a busy day for me so I'm not cooking.

Wednesday - I *think* it'll be a ground beef & rice skillet dish from Taste of Home. Unless I come up with something else that sounds tasty that uses about a pound of ground beef. Any suggestions? We just had meatloaf & mashed potatoes last Friday so I don't really want anything too similar to that.

Thursday - Chicken. Exact type to be determined. Perhaps chicken enchiladas? Right now nothing is sounding good so I'm having a harder time figuring out what I'll want to make.

Friday - Minestrone soup. Bread. Salad.

Saturday - The remodel should be finished I believe and I think the guys will be leaving. So we may go out as a final thank you for all their hard work. Or else I'll ask them what their favorite meal is & fix that. Or else I'll just fix my favorite meal, spaghetti.

Sunday - Slow-cooker day. Right now beef burgundy sounds good, but I'll probably decide Saturday or Sunday morning what I want.

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