Thursday, February 7, 2008

Remodeling Along

The bathroom continues on schedule (apparently; I never heard what the schedule was but they're pleased with the progress). The new vanity is in place, as are the dual medicine cabinets/mirrors. The shower is mostly tiled (still need to do the bench & shelves) and the tub is about 99% done. And by tub I mean the surround above it along the wall. Still to do is the wall between the tub and shower. And then I guess everything gets grouted, unless something else has to be done to it first. As you can tell, I'm not very aware of the specific details. But it looks great!

I think I've figured out part of what is giving me such difficulty with the process. I'm not the best housekeeper unfortunately, but our bedroom is virtually always in pristine condition. And about the only exceptions to that are due to illness or getting ready to travel or just returning from travel. And when traveling, it gets put back into shape within a day. And I didn't realize how much I counted on having something that truly is a haven. Even if my kitchen needs work, or my living room looks very lived in, I could go to the bedroom and see something peaceful and uncluttered. Except for now, when it is dusty and cluttered and furniture is pushed every which way, and dusty and we barely have a path to get to the bed, and did I mention it's dusty?

My haven is gone. And apparently I counted on it more than I realized.

So I'm counting down until the bedroom can be put to rights, and I'm trying to figure out if I can take any time off from work to devote to cleaning. I'm actually really looking forward to CLEANING. That may be a first.

I'm not sure why it makes a difference to my mental well-being to know what's bothering me, but it does, and I'm feeling significantly better than I was Monday.

Although I do know the real reason I'm feeling so much better than I was Monday. Prayer works.

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