Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Work Thoughts and Updates

  • I am so far behind with some parts of my job it's not even funny. I keep thinking I'll have time to get caught up, and something else pops up.

  • Related to above, we've recently been given an absurdly sort deadline for an enormous project. So "catch up" time will be nonexistent for the next month. It really just makes me want to laugh it's so absurd. And frustrating too because the two people whose job it really is have yet to do anything with it. Sorry it's kind of vague, but I'm trying to retain some anonymity relating to my job situation

  • I caught some accounting-type issues that if they'd slipped through, would have made for a big headache next January when the time came to reconcile everything. Although I'm hoping I'm not there in January, whoever is won't have the headaches this would have otherwise caused. But it's so frustrating because it's just one person who is so sloppy with her paperwork that causes the issues. If she'd just slow down a little bit and be more careful, I would have saved at least a day and a half of detective work last month. This year at least I'm watching her paperwork closely so those things don't slip through. Or at least I'm trying.

  • On the whole possibly-quitting situation, due to us spending more than originally planned on our bathroom remodel, the plan is for me to keep working until August at least. We didn't go into debt or anything, we just pulled money from other sinking funds and especially raided our car replacement fund. We want to get it built back up. I may have already mentioned this, but I think I'm going to take an occasional day off too since whenever I do leave, I'd only be paid out for half of my banked time. So I'd much rather use the days up now! We have a trip planned in May that would use a chunk of time as well, and I used a depressing number of days last month and this month already due to being so ill (we just get a lump sum of days, and they are used for vacation, sick days, and holidays).

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