Monday, February 4, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Still have our houseguests, so I'm continuing to try to come up with fairly hearty meals that are at least semi-frugal. Without burning us out on beans ever night or something.

Monday - Baked spaghetti. Recipe from Tammy's Recipes. It's goooood.

Tuesday - White bean and chicken chili with cornbread. I base it from the recipe in Desperation Dinners.

Wednesday - Mexican casserole. Or I may use the Mexican lasagna recipe from Desperation Dinners.

Thursday - Pizza. Or leftovers if there are any.

Friday - Shepherd's pie.

Saturday - Minestrone soup with bread of some sort. I'm still looking for a great minestrone soup recipe; I've used several, but none that made me say "this, this is the one I've been wanting."

Anyway, yeah, I realize that it might be better to not have Tuesday's & Wednesday's meals back-to-back, but I need a quick meal for Tuesday and that one is very easy. I might move up pizza night to Wednesday and have the casserole Thursday. Or I might not worry about it at all because I doubt the guys will.

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