Sunday, February 24, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

The theme of this week's menu is "Meals my husband doesn't like." That's right, he's out of town all week so I'm fixing things I like but he's not crazy about. It also means I'm not cooking every night because I'll have leftovers to finish. I may end up swapping what day I make things on, but this is the general plan.

Monday - beef stroganoff. I love this, L hates it.

Tuesday - lentils and rice with carmelized onions. This is my version of the Lebanese dish mjaddarah. Again, I adore it and L barely tolerates it. I'm hoping there are cucumbers at the grocery store even though they're so out of season, because I especially like it with a side of cucumber salad, made with lots and lots of dill.

Wednesday - egg salad sandwich. Also made with lots and lots of dill. I really ought to grow dill the way I love it. L is not a fan of my egg salad.

Thursday - scalloped potatoes, and a frozen chicken patty & some sort of green vegetable. Ok, this is something that L does like, so if I think of something else that he doesn't like I'll probably swap it out, but I've been craving scalloped potatoes lately.

Friday - sherried tomato soup because it looks so good on the Pioneer Woman's site. Assuming his flight isn't delayed, L will be home tonight so something that will hold or reheat well is a good choice.

Saturday - spaghetti. Possibly my favorite meal of all time. And I'm not joking.

Sunday - beef in the slow cooker. I'm thinking pot roast.

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Jen@BigBinder said...

I love it!! My husband was out of town last week but it was last minute so I just stuck with the plan 'cause I had the stuff already. But next time I am going to do this, I love the idea! Enjoy your week!

Renee said...

Thanks Jen! Thanks for visiting & commenting.

I hate having him gone so at least this way there is something somewhat positive about him traveling.