Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

  • I am mostly recovered from being so sick last week. Antibiotics are a wonderful wonderful thing. I am so grateful to live in a time and place where they are available.

  • L is also on the road to recovery. He was much sicker than I am, and his antibiotics are giving him bad side effects so his recuperation has been slower than mine. He has to travel for work all next week though, so I'm praying he gets completely better soon.

  • Our houseguests are gone! We have peace and quiet in the house again, and I especially appreciated that after I was home from work one day because of being ill and they were working. It was not very conducive to resting and recuperating. Once they departed I could actually rest much more. They also had a safe trip home which was a relief since it's a very long drive and a good chunk of it was done in bad winter weather. Thank God for that!

  • Our bathroom is 98% done. Don't hold me accountable to exact statistics. What's left? Painting a couple of panels. The downstairs bathroom is basically done, and all that's left is cleaning it and stocking it (tp, extra towels). The guest bath is maybe 70% done. We need to replace the countertop & fixtures, paint the vanity, paint the walls, and seal the grout. The countertop and fixtures are waiting until L's brother returns in April (don't ask), but we need to paint and seal. Or seal and paint, I don't suppose we have to do it in any particular order. This will also involve picking out a paint color which is always a challenge for me.

  • I am so so so grateful that we have cable tv. When I was lying on the couch coughing and feeling generally miserable, it kept me somewhat sane, because daytime shows on non-cable channels are pathetic. Apologies to any who watch soaps and/or talk shows and/or courtroom shows. I can't stand any of them. Instead, I watched a lot of Food Network, HGTV & TLC.

  • I am even more grateful that my eyes have stopped bothering me enough so I can either wear my glasses or contacts again which means I can read again, and avoid tv altogether. I watched more last week than I usually watch in a couple of months, so I am very happy to be able to get back to my books (and blogs!) Yes, when I get sick it often involves watering eyes and/or sinus headaches to the point that I can't put in my contacts or bear the pressure of my glasses resting on my nose. It's one of the few times that I am jealous of people (like L) who doesn't use either. But it does make me more grateful that at least my vision is still good enough that I don't walk into walls or anything like some people I've known.

  • Finally, because it just can't be stressed enough, I am so thankful that I am getting better. I've had some years with major respiratory problems, so one week of illness, while difficult, is significantly better than months of problems like I've had in the not-too-distant past.

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