Monday, February 25, 2008

Making My Home a Haven

It's Monday, so that means another challenge by Crystal at Biblical Womanhood. Today is all about tackling a messy drawer.

This *generally* isn't a huge problem for me* - I usually have anything to do with clothes (storage, laundry, etc) under control. This is in part because I'm not that fussy about some things - I have two large drawers for socks, and they just get dumped into the drawer (darks in one, lights in another). If I cared about always having my socks perfectly matched up and folded in a row, this wouldn't work for me, but this works really well. Underwear is similar - I've got a drawer for it, and I don't really care if the drawer itself isn't perfectly tidy. My assigned drawer system has another benefit - limits on quantities. If my undie drawer gets hard to close, I know it's time to purge.

So, since straightening drawers isn't something I really needed to do today, I instead took care of what I did need to do, dresser-wise. I've slowly been getting our bedroom put to rights after the remodeling we experienced. It's been a slow process because the construction dust was EVERYWHERE and it's hard to remove. Today I tackled my dresser - the mirror top, surface and decorative drawer edging all required a lot of attention before I got them dust-free and shiny. All that was left was the bed, so I spent another 1/2 hour and polished it. After a thorough washing of all the bedding and even a detailed vacuum of the mattress, and our bedroom is just about done. What a fantastic feeling.

*I say generally because there have been times when everything seems to get out of control, no matter how smoothly it usually runs. I'm certainly not claiming to be anywhere close to perfect in any aspect of homemaking.

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