Tuesday, January 1, 2008

January Goals

  1. Send in FSA reimbursement
  2. Find out about HSA reimbursement & send in
  3. Finish 2007 financials & prepare 2008 budget
  4. Archive Quicken info & backup other computer data
  5. Install software on new computer
  6. Swap out printer (or get L to do it) :)
  7. Gather tax paperwork & prepare folders for 2008 paperwork
  8. Review 2007 financials and 2008 budget with L
  9. Clean out master bedroom closets
  10. Inventory master bedroom, bathroom & closets
  11. Menu plan for month
  12. Clean out fridge
  13. Put away all Christmas stuff
  14. Finish correspondence course on the Holy Spirit
  15. Finalize bathroom plans & send to C
  16. Practice with new camera for at least an hour
  17. Get all vacation pics off L's computer and/or camera & send to family
  18. Bake something for L at least twice (banana bread & pumpkin bread)
  19. Return L's sweater
  20. Get guest room ready for visitors again (i.e., wash the sheets & make the bed!!)
  21. Straighten bookcase in my office (it is out of control!)
  22. Get caught up on filing (the neverending task it seems)
  23. Exercise 450 minutes (15 times for 30 minutes)
  24. Practice piano 480 minutes
  25. Talk to L about church - should I look for one on my own or will he go with me?
  26. Call or email S.
  27. Make eye appointment
(Italics means it's in progress.)

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