Thursday, January 17, 2008

Playing Hookie

From work that is.

I had an eye appointment today, at 10. I knew that would last until around 11, which would put me getting to work only a little before noon. Yes, it takes that long, especially since it takes close to 15 minutes to park and walk in from the parking area & make it to my desk. Soooooo, I just took the entire day off instead. I can't stand driving in for only a half day - it just seems like such a waste of gas & commute time. It helps that I currently have a lot of leave time accrued.

And now it's just before noon and I'm home and waiting for my husband to come home, because he's taking me out to lunch. What a guy. I don't know yet where we'll be going, but who cares? I'm out with my sweetie.

After lunch, I want to get to the grocery store and take advantage of being able to shop before most people get off from work. I've done it before on days I'm not working for whatever reason and it is just so nice to have the store not be so crowded. My grocery list is all ready so I'll be able to go immediately after lunch.

Following that, I haven't decided what I want to do with myself. Groceries away of course, and some tidying downstairs. I think I may make a chocolate cake or some sort of baked good, perhaps with the pears I still need to use up. I'll also take a look at my month's goals and see if I can make any progress on that.

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