Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Apple-Pear Crisp

I had several pears and some apples that needed to be used before they went bad, so Sunday night I made an apple-pear crisp. No real recipe to share, because I modified it so heavily from the basic apple crisp recipe I use.

I used about 4 cups of fruit, about half pears & half apples. I forget what type of pears & apples they were. The apples were pretty tart though. I peeled them & sliced them into semi-thin pieces (my knife skills aren't the best so I can't claim that the slices were truly that thin). Since the apples were pretty tart, I tossed the fruit with a little sugar (2 tablespoons?) and some cinnamon, then put that into a greased 8x8 baking dish.

For the topping I mixed brown sugar, flour, and old-fashioned oats with additional cinnamon & then cut in butter.* Spread that over the top & baked it at 350 for about 40 minutes. It was delicious! I wish I'd had whipped cream or ice cream with it but even without it it was very good and a nice end to what had been a not-so-great Sunday.

*Let's see, amounts. Guesstimating, I'd say equal parts sugar & flour, like maybe a 1/2 cup each, then about 2/3 cup oats & a teaspoon of cinnamon, to maybe 1/2 a stick of butter. I love butter.


Laura said...

You sound just like I sound when I give out a recipe. I have to REALLY think about amounts to tell people, because I just mix in a little of this and some of that and it turns out.

And, I also LOVE butter! Love it! I've actually read about a lot of great things butter does for you, and so I'm a big believer in butter being NOT bad for you!
(Go, butter!)

Renee said...

Laura - what's funny about that is that when I bake I usually am much more precise so giving a specific recipe wouldn't be difficult.

Cooking, yeah, you're right. So often it's just a matter of "well, I put some of this in there, then that, and then I don't know..."

And yes, I stick with butter and olive oil in my cooking & baking. No shortening or margarine. Although I'm so tempted to break my rule because I found a chocolate chip cookie recipe that said it had to be half shortening & half butter.

Go butter indeed. :)