Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

It's Tuesday! Still my least favorite day of the week so all the more reason to focus on how blessed I am instead of what I don't like about the day...
  • We're going to have a brand new master bathroom soon. I'm not sure what "soon" really means, but sometime in February. Right now the bathroom is gutted, and the new tub, shower, closet, and toilet areas are framed and plumbing is in place. Today the tub area will be tiled. I don't know what happens after that.

  • The master bathroom comes complete with a family visit for L - two of his brothers are in town along with a good friend and they're the ones doing the work. He is LOVING having his brothers here for a visit. I love how happy it makes him. ;) I like his brothers too, don't get me wrong, but he just lights up having them around. It's great how close he is to his family. 

  • L's one brother is a general contractor who does lots of custom work in high-end homes, so he does AMAZING work. And what a relief completely trusting the guys doing the work and not having to worry about finding a reliable plumber, electrician, etc. The three of them can do it all. 

  • Work is being very flexible with me where I can take time off as needed. For example, this morning I'm going in late because first I need to go pick out some tile. We got some last night, but they didn't have enough in stock so we've got to try some other stores to see if we can find what we need.

  • We've been saving for this for almost 4 years so we're able to do it all with the money we saved for it. No home equity loans, no credit card debt, just paying as we go. That is a huge blessing.

  • Did I mention the whirlpool tub that's being installed? And the lights they're installing so I can read a magazine while soaking? Because that is going to be great. 

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