Monday, January 14, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven Challenge

Crystal is back with another Making Your Home a Haven Challenge. I love those!

1) Refresh Your Spirit

I had some really good devotional time this morning, especially a reading about work, and how we should work as if Christ is our boss (because really, he is). I *know* this, and yet it was still good to read it again, especially because of some work frustrations & issues with my boss. I need to remember that ultimately, I'm not working for her and it doesn't matter how she is, I need to honor God with my work.

2) Tackle your Morning Routine
  • Dressed & ready for the day
  • Tidy a bathroom (did this the night before actually) :)
  • Pray
  • Go over memory verse 
  • 5 minute room rescue
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Eat breakfast & take pills
  • Read daily devotionals
  • Read Bible passage(s)
I didn't completely finish my morning routine before I had to leave for work. I'd done so many dishes the night before I didn't get the clean & dry dishes in the dishwasher put away. I did get everything put away that was in the dish drainer & on the counter next to it, so at least the kitchen *looked* better. I emptied the dishwasher when I got home from work. ;)

3) Take Time to Plan (5 minutes)

  • Work
  • Menu plan for week
  • Practice piano
  • Laundry load 1 - wash/dry/fold/put away
  • Laundry load 2 - wash/dry/fold/put away (Finished Tuesday)
  • Laundry from yesterday - put away
  • Post menu plan
  • Post MYHAH challenge
  • Library books ready to return
  • Clean computer keyboard

I know, it's a short list but the first one takes a long time. ;) Laundry load 2 won't be finished tonight - it's still drying so I'll fold & put away tomorrow. It's just socks & underwear & other things that won't be wrinkled by hanging out in the dryer. 

4) What's For Dinner?

Dinner isn't very inspiring - it's leftovers a.k.a clean-out-the-fridge. I cooked a lot over the weekend (family visiting) so we still had quesadillas, mac & cheese, lentil soup & beef stew to finish in addition to typical fridge & pantry items. Some of those leftovers can & will go in the freezer (well, not the beef stew, the potatoes in it wouldn't freeze well) but there was still enough to take advantage of it all and not cook anything new. L had the quesadilla. I had cheese, sourdough bread (leftover from lentil soup night), a tiny bit of summer sausage & an aging apple.  

Oh, and leftover apple-and-pear crisp.  Post to come about that later. ;)

5) Do Something! (10 minutes)

Sorry, no pictures. The living room is in pretty good shape because of cleaning it up in anticipation of family visiting last weekend. So I spent 10 minutes in my closet. I don't think I really have that many pairs of shoes, but they seemed to all be strewn across the floor of the closet. It's a huge closet which is really nice, but it seems that it just means that much more space to get out of control. Lots of general straightening in there, & it's much nicer.  

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