Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's definitely winter.

Today was off to a great start - I got up on time (more or less), got my morning routine completed quickly and I was ready to leave for work right on time.  And then.  Why does it seem like there is always something in life that throws things off?

Because of the bathroom work and the winter weather, our garage is being used as a work area/supply staging area.  Which means our cars are outside.  And there was a big winter storm last night into this morning, and the temps won't make it above 25 all day (and the meterologist said that 25 was perhaps wishful thinking).  Where am I going with this?  

You may have already guessed, but it was a shock to me this morning - I couldn't get my car doors open because they were frozen shut.  Not the lock, but the doors themselves.  Best of all was that I then tried to come back inside and the front storm door handle was frozen and I had to call my husband to come downstairs and let me back inside.  Because of course, the garage door was also frozen shut so I couldn't come in that way.  I could have rung the doorbell all morning and he wouldn't have heard it, so I'm glad he had his cell phone near him.  I suppose one of our houseguests might have heard me ringing the bell/pounding on the front door, but I'm also glad I didn't have to count on them waking up either.

So I've emailed work that I'll be in late, and now I'm watching the morning news and reading blogs.  I'm hesitant to even try the doors again since if traffic patterns are typical, I don't want to leave now anyway; it's the height of rush hour.  I'll try again in 45 minutes or so.

But, I am grateful that we're all safe and the storm last night only brought power outages and frozen doors; there was major damage in other areas according to news reports.

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