Monday, January 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

We've got family visiting this week, so I'm trying to cook bigger meals that three guys will like. Fortunately they're not picky and pretty much anything I cook they like (as long as it's not too fancy).

Monday - Rachel Ray's Hungarian hot sausage and lentil stoup. My one brother-in-law had this with us before and still talks about it over a year later. So yes, we're having it again for him. :)

Tuesday - Bruschetta chicken bake. I think this sounds like something they'll like.

Wednesday - Shepherd's pie.

Thursday - Broccoli cheese soup. I need to find a recipe for this.

Friday - Pioneer Woman's chicken spaghetti. I made her lasagna Sunday night and the guys all loved it.

Saturday - Meatloaf.

Sunday - Chili in the slow-cooker. I may also make some Pioneer Woman Chili Con Queso. It does seem appropriate what with the football game and all to have some more snacking kind of stuff.

That's the plan. I will need to get to the store but fortunately that's close.

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