Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

As the new year begins:
  • I'm thankful for the new year! There are certainly no guarantees, and I'm happy to greet the new year with my friends and family safe and healthy.

  • I'm grateful for the refreshing vacation we just had, and the fact that I still have a lot of vacation days available.

  • Speaking of our vacation, I'm thankful that we were safe the entire trip. We did lots of driving and saw a couple of accidents so I certainly don't take that for granted.

  • I'm also grateful that we didn't get sick during or after traveling, like we often do. Watching what we ate more carefully plus frequent hand washing may have helped, and I also prayed about it.

  • This may sound silly, but I'm so grateful that I found my hat! One day while walking around DC I realized I was missing my hat. L & I backtracked a bit and eventually found it right in the middle of the sidewalk. I was praying hard about that because it was going to be cold most of the trip and I would have had several days of being cold or I would have had to try and find a new hat. Plus I really love my hat! I was just about skipping with joy when I saw it on the sidewalk ahead of us

  • I'm thankful about the timing of L's upcoming business trip. It could have been very inconvenient for us but it looks like it will be perfectly timed instead. Well, perfect would be him not having to go anywhere, but if he has to go, this will be a good a time as there is. :)

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