Sunday, July 27, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I need help this week. I'm in a summer-time rut and am struggling with what to fix.

Monday - black bean quesadillas I think. I've got everything to make them, and they're so tasty.

Tuesday - maybe steaks on the grill? I don't have any potatoes though so I'd have to figure out another side.  And it can't be pasta because we had mac & cheese Sunday, and will have the leftovers from it for lunches.  And L doesn't really like rice, so I'd have to think about this.  I have plenty of veggies, so that would be taken care of, it's the starchy side that we'd need since L wouldn't think it much of a meal without one. :)  Although I might have some burgers in the freezer that we could grill instead of steaks.  

Wednesday - pita pizzas.   I can't seem to get enough of them lately.  Maybe because they take 5 minutes to fix and 15 to cook. 

Thursday - spaghetti if we're not sick of pasta after having all that mac & cheese.  

Friday -  Yeah, no idea.  Hopefully inspiration will strike between now & then.  

I'm ready for fall. I do a lot better with menu-planning and meals in general when it's not so hot out.

For more menus, go to Organizing Junkie. I will be there, hoping to get some inspiration.


Lynn said...

I agree, I do much better with my meal planning in the fall and winter. There is so much going on in the summer and it is so hot. I am looking foward to fall.

Tracy said...

Girl, you are no alone in not being inspired! For me, I think its anticipating school, its so hot outside, etc. Keep it up!!

Sandra said...

Sounds like a good menu :)

Menu Plan is Up

happyathome said...

Sounds like you have it all together! Stop by my menu and enter to win a chance for some Hansen's Natural Sparkling Water to go with all of the meals we are planning!

Briana said...

What are Pita Pizzas? Sounds interesting!

Renee said...

Thanks for visiting everyone!

Briana, pita pizzas (at least the way I make them) are pita bread, spread with a little spaghetti sauce, topped with some mozzarella cheese.

If we've got pepperoni we add that, if not, any other topping that's ready to go. I always add several sprinkles of red pepper flakes because I like things spicy.

Bake it in a 375 oven for 13 - 15 minutes.

They require almost no effort and are very tasty.

Courtney said...

I agree fall and winter has so great menu planning. I am counting down the days, cant wait!