Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun with Google

I've seen other bloggers post about searches that led to their blogs, but I've only recently discovered how to see that on my own blog. I never really looked before because I never really expected people to find my blog through Google. How wrong I was.

One search was for: "dealing with paper piles".

I am so sorry that you clicked through to my site. I don't suppose my post lamenting my paper issues was much help, unless you were merely looking for solace that you're not alone in having piles of papers. In which case, my post should have at the very least made you feel somewhat better about your own paper piles.

Another searcher was looking for "thought provoking questions about self for relationships"

Again, I'm not really that sure that my post was really on target. I've got the thought-provoking questions all right, but they don't really touch on relationships.

That post also tricked someone who was looking for "good thought provoking questions for a girl". That probably wasn't what you were hoping for, now was it?

At least that post should have fit the bill for the individual searching for "thought provoking questions spirituality", as well as the one looking for "christian thought provoking questions". I think that's pretty much on target.

Another search was for the "joy of discipline" which led to my new scheme. Wonder if it was what they were wanting? Since they immediately left the site after arriving, I'm guessing no.

Someone (a parent, I'm guessing) searched for "teaching memory verse on thankfulness", which led to this. It's a verse at least. And it talks about teaching. Two out of three?

And finally, another memory verse searcher looked for "memory verse joy" and found me. I guess it's too bad the search didn't lead to this page, which might have been more appreciated, although I still don't have any verses listed specifically on joy. Just the reference to one in my blog title.

I'm kind of disappointed that I don't have any of the crazy searches that I've read on other blogs. Maybe someday.


Di said...

HI Renee - how do you do the google search thing? I've seen it on other blogs and would love to see if anyone ends up at mine from Google...


Di x

Renee said...

There may be other ways of doing it, but the way I found it was by signing up for an account with sitemeter (basic membership is free) and then it has a link for recent visitors by referrals, and that tells where people came from - I can see clicks in from my menu planning posts, google searches, etc.

It also has recent visitors by location and some other details. It's kinda fun to see the cities and countries listed.

The premium membership has lots more options but so far I've just stuck with the free version.

It was very easy to set up if you're interested in signing up for it!