Thursday, July 17, 2008

Before and After Update #4


The room, it is painted. No joke.

We were out of town for the weekend, Thursday - Saturday, but that left Sunday and I used it to cut-in and roll the 3 walls that were prepped.

Here's one wall completely painted:

And another view of that wall:

Then I shifted furniture, emptied my desk, shifted the desk (with help), and removed the border from the final wall. I even got it spackled and taped off that night and only had to stay up to midnight to finish it.

The final wall 4 with no border. Removing the border from around the TV mount was a pain.

The desk, shifted, along with the incredibly dusty TV:

Monday I had taken the day off from work, in order to finish painting (I didn't want the roller to dry out so that's why I needed to roll the whole room within two days). First coat was on before 9, and the second coat was applied right after lunch. Cutting in happened both before the first coat (all but the top) and after the second coat (the top, once L was up and moving). Yes, he was kind to me and did all cutting in along the ceiling.

The rest of Monday was spent dusting furniture and putting it back in place, vacuuming very very thoroughly (bits of wallpaper border were lodging in the carpet. That and I hadn't vacuumed in an embarrassing amount of time). 

Finally, the real priority: computers back & reconnected to the internet! In all honesty, I need to admit that my desk will never again be this clean.

All that's left is to hang the curtain. I've got the rod and the curtain, just need to either figure out how to install the rod or convince L to do it for me. He loathes doing things like that though so I may just try and do it myself.

At this point, I'd like to post a final glimpse of what the paint used to look like on my wall:

And finally, some recognition.  This paint job was powered by m&m's.

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*And yes, I realize that the button is now out-of-date after BooMoma moved back the date for completion. But this is still the only button there is, so it's getting used.


Di said...

Well done!! You must feel so pleased to have accomplished so much. Now your study will be a pleasure to use, even more than it was before.

Love Di x

Renee said...

Thank you! Yes, I am pleased with how it turned out and even more pleased that it's DONE. L hung the curtain rod for me last night and I love the color. I wish I'd done it ages ago - the room feels that so happier to me.