Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

  • She'll laugh if/when she reads this, but I'm really thankful that my best friend from work isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  I was nervous the last few weeks that she was about to pack her bags and head south.  I know that she still might eventually, but at least it's not only days away.  

  • She'll laugh at this one too, but only because she understands and agrees with me.  I am so glad that football is almost back.  I am a football junkie and start going into withdrawals by this time of year.  But training camps have begun so we're getting close!  I love baseball too, but it still doesn't take the place of NFL Sundays.  September 4 starts the season, but the first Sunday of games is the 7th.
And for any other NFL freaks out there, here's a countdown widget for every team. How cool is that??


Jennifer said...

Aw, I'm touched! That's so sweet I may just have to hug you the next time I see you, but probably not.

Renee said...

If you did, I'd probably faint from the shock. Voluntary hugging??? Not going to happen.

But hey, we're under 23 days now until kickoff at the new stadium. Can't wait!!