Tuesday, July 1, 2008


  • I found my battery charger for my phone. I thought I'd left it in DC on our trip because I couldn't find it anywhere, and I looked and looked. Finally I gave up and ordered a new, non-Canon charger since I needed some way to recharge the battery, and the Canon charger is really really pricy. But then I hated the other charger because it is really really obnoxious to get the battery out of it. Very non-user friendly. So a couple of weeks ago, I found the charger where it had fallen down into the couch cushions. I have no idea how it got there. If I had a dog I'd blame it. No real matter, I am just so incredibly happy I have the nice, easy-to-use charger, and I still have a backup for vacation if it's every really needed.

  • The gas price increases haven't hit us as much as they would have last year since L's office moved locations. It used to be a round-trip of 15 miles or so for his commute, and now it's maybe 5 max. Since his truck is less fuel efficient than my car, it really helps that he's driving so much less.

  • Speaking of gas, I am so so thankful that so far we've had enough cushion in our budget so that the increases haven't hurt us too much, it just involves some rearranging and less going to savings. Knowing that there are people struggling to buy groceries and other essentials, I realize just how blessed and lucky we are.

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