Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekly Menu Plan

Fall weather arrives this week and I am thrilled. Soup's on the menu as well as baked casseroles and such. I'll also start baking more as it's no longer such an appalling thought to turn on the oven.

Saturday - Out for lunch, scrounge for dinner. I don't expect we'll be too hungry after lunch. It'll probably be some sourdough french bread from yesterday along with cheese & sausage.

Sunday - Minestrone soup. I'm still looking for a recipe that's good enough to make me stop looking for others.

Monday - Veal marsala.

Tuesday - Beef stroganoff. Maybe this version.

Wednesday - Macaroni and cheese. Homemade hopefully in honor of it being October and a forecast high of 62 degrees. I think this version sounds good.

Thursday - Clean out the fridge night - we should have lots to choose from after this week.

Friday - Sandwiches or quesadillas or possibly homemade pizza if I get home from work in time to start the dough. After making it last week, I am motivated now - it was soooo good.

1 comment:

Sherry said...

I haven't made beef stroganoff in a while but this made me hungry for it. Great menu!

Have a great week!