Monday, September 22, 2008

Making My Home a Haven

Posting last week worked so well I'll try again.

I have kept my kitchen table cleared off since last week, which I am very happy about. It's amazing the difference it makes. L even is trying to keep from piling his own stuff on the table which I definitely appreciate.

It's time for fall decorations, but I don't really have any to set out so I'm going to try to keep an eye out for some inexpensive things I could get to make the house more welcoming. Catherine recently posted about her fall decorations and it really made me wish I had some to use. Actually, considering how sparse any accessories are throughout my house, I should probably concentrate on that first, and then worry about seasonal decor. Nesting Place and the Inspired Room both inspire me with their talent.

I did some baking this weekend - oatmeal spice cake so L has some of the goodies he'd been asking for. Still want to make him a quick bread of some sort. Just having the kitchen clean and filled with a yummy baked good make me feel very domestic.

I got the family room cleared out a bit, though I still need to take a pile of donations over too Goodwill and a stack of books to the library for their book sale.

I had a guest most of the weekend (and she's still here) so I tried to make sure the guest room was welcoming - no fresh flowers to put in there but I did round up my latest stack of magazines and placed them on the empty dresser so she had something to read if she was interested. The guest bathroom is not where I'd like it to be since it's still waiting on L to finish the last things from the remodel, but it was clean and there were fresh towels so that's something I think.

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Susan said...

Thanks for letting me stay with you this weekend! I did notice the stack of magazines that you left - and I read through some of them before going to sleep each night. Very cozy! Also, the oatmeal cake was delicious! It was wonderful catching up with you. I miss you already.