Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

  • The weather! I feel like I've been talking about it a lot lately, but I am just thrilled that Fall is almost here. The forecast high for today is 70. SEVENTY! I made soup for dinner last Sunday!

  • L is going to tag along for my upcoming conference trip to Vegas. He'll be visiting his sister while I attend the conference. He'll probably also be visiting his sister while I'm not attending the conference too, since my friend from work will be there and that way we can go try new restaurants together. L is not adventurous AT ALL and would prefer to never try a new place again in his life. I want to avoid all chains and eat at places that we don't have at home. This might work out nicely for both of us.

  • That's probably a really good thing for our marriage that that's our biggest conflict; I want to try new places to eat and he'd prefer to stick with the same few he knows and trusts.

  • L's back is getting better after he's spent several days in extreme pain. He's had back trouble for years, and anytime he can self-treat and avoid going to the chiropractor it's a big help for our budget.

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