Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bible Study Update, Yet Again

So, to recap Bible Study news, I thought I'd found one. Then I found out that one of the other participants is someone L used to date, and he was not exactly thrilled with that news. I was even less thrilled - it just seems very awkward and not at all conducive to a study where'd I'd be able to open up and share etc.

Then it ended up getting canceled for this month anyway due to lack of interest by anybody else, so it's not really looking like that one will happen.

As I was telling this to a friend at work, I told her that if she'd ever want to do one at work, to let me know. She sounded interested and reminded me of another woman at work who would most likely want to participated, so I think tentatively I may have a little 3-person study group almost ready to start.

Now, just have to figure out a study. I've never participated in one before, and neither has my friend. I found a list of recommended studies and will talk about them with J. I'm kind of hoping this could get started soonish!

Anyone with any suggestions on studies/ topics/ methods/ whatever, please share!

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