Monday, September 1, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Santa Fe Chicken in the crock pot. Maybe not the most traditional Labor Day dish, but L requested it. Served with baked potatoes and peas (all L's choice). This may be the easiest dish ever. Chicken breasts into the crock pot. Cover with salsa (a lot of salsa). Cook until done. Add some cream cheese to make the sauce creamy and cheesy. Leftovers make great enchiladas.

Tuesday - Salad and fresh corn from the local farmer's market. Probably with a black bean patty (Morningstar brand).

Wednesday - Rachel Ray's Inside-out Pizza-dilla Margerita. I'll be going out to lunch and won't want much for dinner and these are super easy and super tasty. It's just a quesadilla made with fresh mozzarella, diced tomatoes, and fresh basil.

Thursday - Mexican pizza. This may change if I don't want tortillas two days in a row, but the flavors are really so different I don't think I'll care. Tortillas as the pizza base, topped with refried beans, green chilis, chorizo, and of course lots of cheese.

Friday - Macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers. I am always so tired by Friday that I have to go with something easy. And it doesn't get much easier than this since L can make it. Yes, I'm talking boxed mac & cheese and frozen chicken fingers.

Yes, this is an easy easy week. I've been so lazy lately when it comes to cooking I'm hoping that by planning some simple things, I'll actually fix them and avoid the pb&j / frozen pizza routine that have been our dinners for way too many nights this last month.


Sarah said...

Yumm!! I LOVE margerita pizzas! And I'm craving fresh corn on the cob! :-)

Have a great week!

Renee said...

We've really been enjoying the fresh corn this year; for whatever reason we didn't have it much last year. I think this may be the last week for it although I'm hoping maybe one more week after this one...

Sarah said...

No I haven't tried the soup before, and I have never used mirin either. I'm thinking I may substitue apple juice since it's such a small amount. I looked up some different suggestions for substitutions and that seemed like the simplest.

Have you cooked with mirin before?

Kristi said...

Your menu looks so good! Thanks for stopping by today. I have got to try your salsa chicken. Have you tried the cutest blog on the blog for template ideas? They are free and so cute! Blessings to you.

Renee said...

Thanks for visiting Kristi!

No, I had never heard of them, so I'll have to take a peek - thanks for telling me about them. :)

ahorne said...

Easy weeks are good. :) I love the Santa Fe chicken - so easy and good. Have a great week!