Monday, September 1, 2008

August Books

After adding them to the widget on the side of the blog, I hated to just delete them all as September starts, so I moved them into a post. Ready to start with September!

Lynn Austin - The Strength of His Hand

The Apologetics Study Bible - 1 Corinthians

The Apologetics Study Bible - Proverbs

Deanna Raybourn - Silent in the Grave

Pang-Mei Natasha Chang - Bound Feet & Western Dress: A Memoir

Flip Schulke - Witness to Our Times: My Life as a Photojournalist

The Apologetics Study Bible - Song of Songs

Mark Dunn - Ella Minnow Pea

Deborah Ellis - The Heaven Shop

Lisa Miscione - Angel Fire

Mary Roach - Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex

Fiona Buckley - The Fugitive Queen

The Apologetics Study Bible - Ecclesiastes

Christopher J. Moore - In Other Words: A Language Lover's Guide to the Most Intriguing Words Around the World

Sandra Parshall - Disturbing the Dead

The Apologetics Study Bible - 1 Corinthians

Margaret Frazer - The Sempster's Tale

Jan Burke - Kidnapped

The Apologetics Study Bible - Job

Keith Ferrazzi - Never Eat Alone

The Apologetics Study Bible - Romans

The Apologetics Study Bible - Leviticus

Conrad Allen - Murder on the Minnesota

Stephenie Meyer - Breaking Dawn

The Apologetics Study Bible - Matthew

Stephenie Meyer - Eclipse

A. LaFaye - Edith Shay

Stephenie Meyer - New Moon

Mike Trout with Steve Halliday - A Journey to the Heart of America

Lynn Austin - Song of Redemption

Sharon Shinn - Wrapt in Crystal

Stephenie Meyer - Twilight

Reinhard Kaiser - Paper Kisses: A True Love Story

The Apologetics Study Bible - Psalms


MommySurvivalGuide said...

oh my goodness!! did you really read all those books in one month?! I have a book list that I keep for the whole YEAR and it isn't even that long! =p I do try to read every night though. :)

Renee said...

Yeah, it was one month, but here are my secrets:
* I don't have any kids
* I don't really watch TV
* I don't really have any other hobbies
* I read *all* the time (while eating breakfast, over lunch while at work, briefly when I get home from work before starting house chores, a couple of hours in the evening...)
* I read really fast (years of practice I think) ;)

Those all combine, but the big ones are the first two I think. :)

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