Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

  • I've got a great husband who spent some of his weekend getting the oil changed in my car. He even got it washed too! Both things have needed to be done for awhile, and I'm so grateful that he takes care of that for me.

  • I got approval to go to a conference for work. I'll be going with a friend and it should be a great trip! Oh, and we might even learn something at the conference. ;) I'm not all that excited about the city it's in, but still, we should find some good things to do in our available time outside of the conference. Or at least some good restaurants to try!

  • Considering how little sleep I managed to get last night, I'm not feeling too bad this morning. Oh, I've overslept, but about 3 AM when I was still tossing and turning I'd already decided that I would not be worrying too much about my alarm clock. Couldn't sleep in too much however since I've got something to get done this morning at work before 9:30. But still, I was afraid I might be a walking zombie. Of course, by this afternoon I might be. :) Too much caffeine yesterday I think, and the frustrating thing is I knew it when I was drinking it yet I did it anyway. I certainly paid for it.

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