Friday, September 19, 2008

Lifelong Learning

It sounds so official, doesn't it? I'm actually not crazy about the phrase, but I am crazy about the concept. I LOVE to learn new things. I think that's one reason I'm such a reader - it's a way to continually learn.

I also like more formalized learning too - while I didn't like everything about college and graduate school, I did (mostly) like the classes and variety. It took me a while to recognize that the aspects I didn't like about classes as an undergraduate and graduate student - the inane requirements, commuting headaches, annoying prerequisite or required classes - could all be avoided if I opted out of degree tracts and instead simply pursued learning for self-education rather than credentialed approval.

Not to say that I have anything against credentialed approval; just that for many things it's not what I need, so why deal with some of the hassles and hoop-jumping to get it?

My first real foray into learning for its own sake and not in pursuit of a degree was Moody Bible Institute's continuing education program through distance learning. The distance learning program had other options, but the personal enrichment courses were the best fit. They give me no college credit but that's ok, since I'm not looking for any.

Through the program, I did sign up for a certificate program, but again, the certificate is only for personal enrichment. Signing up for it and paying for the series of courses just gave me a slight tuition break than if I'd paid for them individually.

I've just about completed the Biblical Studies certificate, and am now debating with myself which one I want to take next - New Testament Studies? Old Testament Studies? Personal Ministry and Leadership? I'm leaning towards the New Testament Studies one, but have not made a firm decision.

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Kate said...

Ooh tough choice. I'm not sure I could choose between the NT and OT and would have to settle for both!

You'll have to let us know which you choose and how it goes. I'd love to hear more about your coursework. And I totally agree about 'pursuing learning for self-education rather than credentialed approval.' It's so much more fun that way!