Monday, September 29, 2008

Making My Home a Haven

I'd love to report that I accomplished huge numbers of home-making type chores. Or at least a couple. Sadly, all I can report today is that I cooked dinner and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards. That is something of course, and I'll appreciate it especially tomorrow when I don't have to face a dirty kitchen before I even can think about cooking anything in it.

I still have not remade the guest room bed with fresh sheets, despite the fact that I always like to do that immediately after one guest leaves so it's ready for the next guest (we rarely go very long without having someone for at least a night). My mother-in-law will be here at the end of the week so I do have a deadline of sorts to get the room ready again. Today though? It didn't happen.

I did finish three books today. That sounds more impressive than it really is; I'd been reading them all for varying lengths of time and two of the three only one chapter and three (very very short) chapters left to go. The other had about 125 pages, but it was fiction and those are always fast.

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