Friday, March 6, 2009

Week Twenty-Three

NO VOMITING!!! At all! Slight queasiness, but nothing too bad, and nothing came up so I don't even care about the queasiness.

L hasn't been able to feel the baby move again and he's very jealous when I report lots of movement. The baby definitely has some routine to his movement - when I first come home from work (perhaps he like the extra space my yoga pants allows?), and when I first get into bed are reliably time he'll move a lot.

I called the hospital this week because they have a doula program, and if you want to use a doula, you have to go through their program. I guess the good thing is their program is about half the price of independent doulas I'd found in the area online, although I'm curious to see the match they make. Fortunately if I don't feel comfortable with the doula match after our introductory get-to-know-you session , I can call the coordinator and try again.

I also signed up for childbirth & newborn care classes (4 weeks of classes one night a week), a natural labor class (just one class) and breastfeeding basics (one class). L is NOT looking forward to any of these.

I've got more energy this week, which is nice, although it seems like if I try to do too much the energy I had is quickly depleted. But if I pace myself I can actually do more than collapse on the couch as soon as I get home from work, and I don't have to spend all evening there, only managing to get up when I finally stagger off to bed.

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