Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

  • We've made good progress on L's office. And by we, I mean 90% of it is L, if not 95%. It has to be cleared out enough to make room for me to move my desk & file cabinet & book case in to join him. Then we'll be able to set up the baby's room in what was my office.

  • Plans for a last-trip-before-baby are being finalized and I am really looking forward to it. We're headed for Texas! I need to figure out some more specifics (minor little things like where we'll stay and such) but what I've spent more time on is looking at places to eat. I've already warned L that I plan to eat my weight in Tex-Mex, so he'd better be prepared. And then I'll eat his weight in Blue Bell ice cream.

  • I'm registered! I went to a couple of stores yesterday with my mother-in-law and spent forever, but I'm registered. Still need to straighten up the registries a bit (finding items cheaper at the second store so I want to get them off the first store's list etc), but I'm mostly done with that. And a good thing because L's family was about to riot if I didn't get the info to them.

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