Monday, March 2, 2009

Making My Home A Haven

Trying to continue the habit...

Priorities. I'm really having to focus on them now. I always knew they were important, and I had my own priorities (kitchen & bathroom cleanliness was very high. Washing windows was very low). But as I continue to deal with very low energy and stamina, I'm having to focus even more sharply on the top priorities for our home.
  1. Food. As in, that we have food to eat in the house and that as much as possible/necessary, I (or L) cook healthy & satisfying dinners.

  2. Clothes. That are clean and wearable. Fortunately we have a washer & dryer in the house and that makes it much easier to keep up with this.

  3. A clean-enough kitchen. Clean-enough means it's sanitary first of all. And then it also means that we have space and clean dishes/utensils with which to prepare and eat our meals. It may mean that things are not as tidy as normal, and that the pantry or cupboards are a mess. And that's ok right now.

  4. A clean-enough bathroom. Again, it's gotta be sanitary so we're not making ourselves sick. When I spent most days throwing up, a very very clean toilet was a super high priority, and even though I'm not vomiting quite so much now (hallelujah!) I still need the toilet to be very clean. Clean sinks and countertops too, because that is a major pet peeve of mine. Lower priority than normal are clean mirrors. Spots aren't hurting anything right now, so if it's a choice between cleaning the toilet & cleaning the mirrors, I'm going with the toilet every time.

  5. A made bed. This is just a personal thing, but it makes me feel so much happier when our bed is made; every time I see into the room I smile. Yes, this can be easily ignored and the house won't fall to pieces. But the emotional satisfaction it gives me is worth it on all but the very worst days.

  6. Caught-up mail. I didn't do so well on this in November and December. I was late on some bills for the first time in my life, so I realize now that I've got to keep from letting the mail pile up endlessly. Once a week is good enough, but once a month isn't.

  7. A baked treat for L. No, this isn't an essential. But it can be fairly simple, and it makes him feel so loved and treasured that I make it a high priority for myself. Banana bread (especially Tammy's banana pineapple bread) isn't that hard, but it absolutely delights him - both when I first make it, and every day when he gets a piece. He would much prefer me to spend some of my limited energy on this then on many other household tasks, and I need to remember to prioritize what he especially values.

  8. Quick decluttering patrols. Not truly decluttering as in getting rid of stuff we've had for awhile, but more of a daily/weekly pick-up of things that just seem to sprout throughout the house. Neither of us are particularly neat by nature, so it seems that all flat surfaces quickly grow piles of stuff - magazines, junk mail, plates, glasses, etc. I've noticed that just a few minutes a couple of times a day can really make a huge difference in the amount of this kind of stuff around the house, and that makes the house look much tidier and less neglected. Plus it makes me happier not having so much random stuff strewn everywhere.
If I can only focus on these items, no, my house won't be perfect, but it'll be functional and we can manage at that level until I can accomplish more.


Working Woman said...

This is a great post. Totally fits my philosophy of seeing what I can get done in just a few minutes each night.

Renee said...

Thanks for visiting! I do find it amazing what a difference it can make just spending a little time each day to focus on the most important things.