Monday, March 16, 2009

This might be a sign that I'm nesting.

This weekend I was supposed to work on our taxes. I didn't. Instead I tore into my closet and have purged and cleaned and rearranged like I finally had some real energy. Oh, wait, I did finally have some real energy. I had to intentionally pace myself since I knew my energy level was higher than what my back could actually take (and I should have paced myself more carefully).
Let me first explain. My closet is HUGE. It extends the length of the master bedroom which is generously sized. Hanging rod all down the long side, and wrapped around the corner. The shorter side has 3 long shelves and a dresser.

The closet is so big it became a problem - I'd kept it fairly organized until our big bathroom remodel last year. During that undertaking, the closet that was in the bathroom (L's closet) had to be emptied, along with all the bathroom items. Everything got shoved into my closet. Once the remodel was completed, L had a closet again, but it was much tinier than before, so some things had to remain in my closet. And then I just couldn't deal with it so I ignored it. And what was bad became much much worse.

Until I finally couldn't take it anymore. I had to rearrange things to make room for the bookcase from my office; it's the best place to put it and once it's tidied there will be plenty of room. And then I just got on a roll. I went through every drawer in the dresser and purged. I went through my lingerie cabinet and purged (oh, how I purged there. I had some really ratty undies that should have been tossed ages ago). I found lots of random things that had been tossed in there and now are going into the trash or on to Goodwill if they're usable.

I've got the space cleared for the bookcase. Now I just have to empty the bookcase so L can move it. I even cleared additional space so the dresser can shift down and an additional bookcase can take that spot. Yes, we have a lot of bookcases in our house, because we have a lot of books. I am so thrilled with this.

It's not completely done; I've got to sort the luggage and figure out a better way to store it. First though I need to figure out how much luggage we really need. There are several pieces that I don't think we'll ever use, but I'll see what L thinks first. Then one of those shelves has some items that can probably be purged. It's mostly language books (as in, French/German/Italian/Spanish/ASL) but surely I can acknowledge that at this point in my life, I am not using them and am not going to be using them. Well, most of them anyway. That's going to be hard.

I'll try and get a picture of the new-and-improved closet once I get the luggage stowed. Currently it's spread out in groups - duffle bags / garment bags / rolling suitcases / totes, etc.

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