Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

  • My tulips are almost blooming! I absolutely adore tulips, so this is always a favorite time of year for me. I was so disappointed a couple of years ago when a spring hail storm destroyed all of my tulips after they'd only been out for one day. Hopefully this year I'll get to enjoy them longer!

  • Taxes are done, e-filed, and accepted. That's always such a relief. I am so thankful for the software programs that make it as painless as possible. Unfortunately software programs can't substitute for a brain that's fully functional. I messed up and only caught it today after already submitting them. So now I have to file amended returns for both federal & state. And those have to be printed & mailed, so I'll finish them tomorrow, since the mail has already come today. I'm still thankful that they're (mostly) done, and that I caught my mistake before getting too excited over getting money back (and more importantly, before I was late and owed penalties or anything).

  • I made L some banana buttermilk muffins over the weekend. They're low-fat, and low-cholesterol too if I remember correctly, made with half whole-wheat flour. He LOVED them. I may have to see if I can continue to nudge the percentage of whole-wheat flour up and see if/when he complains. He might not ever; he loves whole-wheat. And I love that I can bake treats for him that are much healthier for him than typical bakery items.


Giggles said...

Will you be sharing your muffin recipe? Sounds yummy

Renee said...

Sure, I can do that - I'll try and get to it soon & then I'll put it in its own post.

Renee said...

And the recipe is now up. Hope you enjoy it as much as my husband did!