Friday, March 13, 2009

Week Twenty-Four

Yeah, so, a little vomiting again, brought on by a coughing fit while eating dinner. Unfortunately dinner was black bean burritos with chipotle and lots of salsa, which didn't exactly feel all that great on the return.

The baby has been very active most days, although he's been fairly quiet today. L even got to feel him moving the other night when I first went to bed.

Even with the vomiting, this has probably been one of the best pregnancy weeks I've had. I've felt pretty well overall, I've gotten lots done at work which feels good (I had been accomplishing so little I was embarrassed). Next week I hope to focus on my house more.

I do feel significantly bigger lately. I was up 4 pounds at my doctor's appointment this week, so I'm now only down 15 since my week 8 visit. I don't really notice my stomach in the morning or during most of the day, but in the evening I feel like I'm bloated or something and that I'm enormous. And rolling over in bed has become a challenge some times; it's just so awkward and my lower back hurts so much it makes it more difficult.

I just typed above that he's been fairly quiet today and he decided to prove me wrong and is now letting me know he's here and won't be talked about that way. So I stand corrected. He's been very active every day this week.


Jennifer said...

Ha, that little boy is awesome!

Renee said...

I think this little boy is already taking after his dad. ;)