Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things You Probably Need To Clean

I subscribe to Home Ec 101, and a recent post there caught my attention. Titled "5 Things You Probably Need To Clean," it made me a little ashamed of my housekeeping.

#1 - Top of the fridge. Definitely I need to clean it. I do so maybe once a year. I'm not that tall and out-of-sight really does equal out-of-mind. That and even if I think about it there's usually other things to clean that are higher priority.

#2 - Tops of door frames and the tops of anything hanging on the wall. Door frames, yes, absolutely, I don't know that I've ever cleaned mine. I do dust the tops of picture frames whenever I dust a room though. Not that that's all that frequently though.

#3 - The back sides of your faucets. Happily, I can say that I do this. I am somewhat anal about having clean sink areas, and that includes the entire faucet. Not that you'd ever guess if you looked at my kitchen faucet; the hard water stains have left it looking hideous. I console myself that it looks better than it did when we bought the house, and there's only so much I can do. Someday we'll replace the nasty sink and faucet and I'll keep it pretty.

#4 - Underneath and behind appliances that sit on the counter. I do this maybe once a month or maybe every other month, and am pretty content with that frequency of cleaning; they're not usually that bad. I should decrumb the toaster more frequently than I do however; L eats toast daily and that thing fills up much faster than I expect it to!

#5 - Toilet paper holders. Yeah, I can't say that I've ever thought about it, but I will now.

Now, my own personal list of things I should clean:

#1 - The floors. The carpet is old and gets gross looking so fast, and it doesn't help my already low motivation to vacuum. I also shed more than anyone I've ever known and the hair is just so obnoxious to deal with.

#2 - The floors. The kitchen specifically. I must be a messy messy cook and I should sweep and mop daily, but I just don't.

#3 - Windows. Especially the sliding glass door off the kitchen.

#4 - The sliding glass door track. GROSS!

#5 - Shower curtain. The hard water makes it so nasty so quickly I've just about given up on having it not be icky.

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