Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One Hundred Pushups

I'm working on getting in the exercise habit, and as a part of that I'm following the hundred pushup plan.

When I took the initial test, I could do 0 pushups. Yes, that's right, zero. My upper body is weak (my wrists exceptionally so).

They list variations for weaklings like me who can't do regular pushups. Sadly, I can't do knee pushups because after two knee surgeries it's too hard on my knees, so I had to go for wall pushups. Twenty-three on the initial test, which is much better than zero.

I've now completed week two of the plan, and got to the exhaustion test it calls for before moving on to week three. Hoping I'd improved enough to do a regular pushup, I tried that. Still no go, but this time it was close - last time it wasn't even remotely close.

Wall pushups are really too easy unless I move back far enough that I almost fall down (yes, I am a klutz). I need an in-between that doesn't involve my knees.

So I invented my own variation - oven pushups. My stove top is low enough that it's definitely more challenging than the wall, and it's high enough that I can actually do them.

I figure I'll keep at this for a bit and then try the regular ones again. I don't care if I ever get to a hundred or not, but being able to do a real one sure would be nice.

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