Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

  • I've had two straight days where I've not had to drive in to work - I'm working "off-site" and thanks to some cooperative coworkers, have been able to do that only. It's extra nice because I hadn't seen much of L since early last week so my shorter work schedule has let me spend some time with him.

  • I have a conference to go to Friday and Saturday so that really means that I only have to go into work two days this week. Considering how rotten the end of the week was last week, this makes me very happy.

  • L had a great visit with his brother and they enjoyed their mini road trip to watch some baseball and golf. Since his brother's wedding, L hasn't really been able to spend that much time with just him so this was really nice; brotherly bonding you know. ;)

  • I made a final decision on Thanksgiving - we won't be traveling to see my family - and overall, while their reaction could have been better, it certainly could have been worse and I was afraid it would be.

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