Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

I had a flat tire this weekend. And yes, I'm including this in my gratitude post because:
  1. I was at home when L discovered it. Apparently it was a slow leak that didn't become really noticeable until late Sunday afternoon.

  2. I was not at work, where I would have been wondering what to do.

  3. I was not at the seminar I attended Friday and Saturday, which would have been really inconvenient and honestly, it was not somewhere I'd want to hang around and wait for L to come rescue me.

  4. I was not driving through some of the sketchy neighborhoods I have to travel through on my way to/from work.

  5. It was in one of the two tires that were due to be replaced anyway.

  6. The tire place had the replacement tires in stock and available, and they had time to get them replaced Monday.

  7. I was able to just take Monday off from work which made it much easier dealing with getting back and forth to the tire place.

  8. Our little air compressor was able to fill the leaking tire enough for me to drive it to the tire place with no problem.

  9. The tire place now stocked non-Goodyear that worked for my car, unlike last time when we had to get $180 Goodyears. That's $180 per tire, which is why we only replaced the 2 and saved the other 2 for later. Much cheaper this time!

  10. Our car repair fund had enough in it to cover the expense, so no juggling the budget to fit this in.

  11. L dealt with calling the place, and going in to talk to them both while dropping the car off and picking it back up.

  12. The timing of it meant that I got to go to a weekday lunch with L on our way to pick the car back up.

  13. Since I had a little free time that afternoon (it was 2 by the time I was almost home) I went to a nail salon and got a pedicure. My rough heels needed some attention.
So yes, many many things to appreciate about that flat tire!


Kate said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly - that flat tire sure was something to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing.

Renee said...

Thanks for visiting Kate! It certainly was.