Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bible Study

I had a good talk with a friend not that long ago and asked her if she was in a Bible Study for the Summer. A couple of years ago I went with her to a few weekly sessions at her church that discussed basic doctrines, and while I never stuck with that one for long, I was hoping she was going to a new one that I could join.

Sadly she's not attending anything now and the Fall series at her church is on Tuesday mornings. That's kind of a conflict with work. She said we need to do a small group one ourselves, which would be great, but two people seems a little too small of a small group. So, I'm praying that
  1. If this is a good idea, that we'll find some additional women to join in with us.
  2. That we'll find a good study to follow. I know Beth Moore's are really recommended by some people, but I also know that there are a lot of other great ones.
  3. Alternately, that we'll both find a good Bible Study group to join - either together or separately. I know I need something that's not as solitary as the studies I've been doing the past couple of years.

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