Saturday, March 1, 2008

Review of February's Goals

To recap, my goals for February. So how did I do?

  • Major cleaning done in the bedroom
  • It hadn't been an official goal, but I also got a lot of other cleaning done throughout the house. It ended up being something I hadn't realized would need to be done, but it certainly did thanks to the remodel
  • 2 1/2 bathrooms mostly remodeled (thus requiring the extra cleaning mentioned above). You'd better believe I'm counting this as a success.

Giving myself a pass:
  • Decluttering closets and dressers. This is in progress, and I'm making very very good progress. But it's not done, so it's not getting crossed off.
  • Most of the things that required brainpower. Our noisy houseguests + major sickness meant I was not up for studying my correspondence course or doing taxes. I want my brain to be in gear for both. I did try to work on the course one evening, but after reading the same page 3 times and not retaining anything, I gave up and figured I'd try again later.
  • Contacting A. For the same reason as above. Not that it required much brainpower, but I just didn't have the mental energy until the last few days. I'll put it on the goal list for March.
  • Buying a new bathmat. I'm waiting another month because it's not urgent and our finances can use a break from all the remodel spending. I do realize a bathmat can be pretty inexpensive, but just on principle if nothing else I was trying to hold off on spending anything if I could. I say that, but then I went ahead & got the shower curtain & toothbrush holder because our old ones were gross due to our hard water. I just couldn't put those nasty looking things in our sparkling new bathroom. And yes, I realize that we really need to get a water softener before the hard water here messes up our new fixtures etc. It's on the list of things to buy. Hopefully this spring. Surely that much damage can be done in only 3 months??

Not successful at all:
  • All that computer/desk work. Backing up Quicken shouldn't have required much brainpower (although I was slightly concerned I'd mess it up and have a major problem, so it was a conscious decision to procrastinate on it). But burning pics to a disc? I've done it plenty so I should have been able to get it done. And making files isn't exactly a mentally challenging task. I just didn't do it.

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